Terminus Tavern

To celebrate the launch of Season 5 of Fox’s zombie thriller ‘The Walking Dead’, I collaborated with both Miss Cakehead and James Thomlinson (London Mess) to create a unique burger concept that aimed to push normal levels of taste to it’s very limits.

Inspired by events that take place in the show, the meat used was designed to closely replicate that of human flesh. By painstakingly researching into appalling instances when eating a fellow human being was the very last option for survival, information was then passed onto Thomlinson where the ‘human’ meat burgers were physically realised.

These cannibalistic treats were then served at ‘Terminus Tavern’, a one-day apocalyptic themed East London pop-up (30th September 2014), where the general public (and fans of the show), could experience the closest thing to re-enacting scenes from the show. 

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